We support diverse candidates from around the country.


Meet the Candidate is a series of events that The Next 50 hosts, in order to make political candidates more accessible to young people and engage a new generation in a critical part of our political system: fundraising.

Candidates we recommend our regions host

Event formats

  • Town Hall Fundraisers: typically includes a speech, Q&A, and a selfie line
  • Meet and Greets: non-fundraisers but includes a speech, Q&A, and a selfie line
  • Policy Roundtables: discussions on policy topics of importance to the local community

Additional considerations

We always reserve ~10% of our event slots for those who are students and/or without the means to attend otherwise.

We might host candidates in a Democratic primary and will be open to hosting all qualified candidates in that primary, although we can’t guarantee that our community will provide equal support to all candidates.

We might host candidates who do not identify as Democrats, if the local affiliate of The Next 50 has a community that demonstrates interest in that candidate.

We might help members of our community host a higher dollar fundraiser for a candidate, but will only do so upon request.