Our Endorsements

About the Leadership Program

We believe that no great candidate should be inhibited from running a successful campaign because they are not born into a fundraising network. Young candidates, particularly those of color, are most marginalized in the process. That is where we come in.

We identify promising young candidates, primarily running for their first or second term, in swing districts, in swing states, and those that we want to turn blue.

Our endorsed candidates receive:

  1. The maximum contribution allowed by campaign finance law.
  2. Partnerships with young social influencers.
  3. Connections to higher capacity donor networks.

About the selection process

Our selections are informed in partnership with or through information provided by national groups, including The Collective PAC, Future Now Fund, and Run for Something. In total, we have worked with over a dozen partners, local and national, evaluated over 150 candidates running for all levels of office, and selected our first round of endorsements in partnership with rising young political staffers, representative of the ideological spectrum in the Democratic Party. Please email info@thenext50.us, to share any candidates who we should consider to take part in this program.