We started the Next 50 to make politics more accessible to a new generation of donors and candidates.

Our goal

We want to build the most politically engaged community of young citizens in the United States, rooted in a commitment to justice, equity, and opportunity for all. Engaging in politics as a citizen does not just mean voting or running for office: it also means building relationships with campaigns, strategically investing money in candidates and causes, turning your ideas and expertise into effective policy, and pursuing meaningful careers in politics.

Our values

  1. Elevate peers

    We give access to knowledge and opportunities to a diverse group of our peers in order to broaden their political engagement and influence. We seek to uplift the work of our community and our partners.

  2. Prioritize proximity

    We believe in investing in local communities and in those who have personal experience with the problems they want to solve. Proximity enables us to communicate with empathy and authenticity.

  3. Invest forward

    We believe in our ability to positively influence the future of America, and seek to build the long-term infrastructure that will enable us to create a more equitable world.

Our team

We are a volunteer-run organization. Get to know our team!

    Join the team

    We are looking for resourceful, committed team members that want to politically engage a new generation of Americans.