Conservatives have done this for 50 years and they have won. In the lead-up to 2016, they invested 3x or $500 million more than us in their young leadership. Now, over 50 percent of those 50 years old and under in Congress are conservatives. We believe that in order to win the next 50 years, we must identify and foster both the donor leadership and candidate talent that will lead us to victory.

To support this work, we are also actively building a next-generation donor network that centers civic and political philanthropy in their giving strategy. Since we started in 2019, we have raised over $10 million and those who we have introduced to political giving have invested millions more in the movement. At The Next 50, every dollar we raise goes directly to candidates and organizers who we support.

The Next 50 is at the forefront of building a leadership pipeline of justice and equity-minded leaders that will counter conservatives’ massive 50-year investment in young leaders. Our work is guided by the insight of our Leadership Council, including House Democratic Caucus Chair Congressman Pete Aguilar, Michigan State Senator Mallory McMorrow, Delaware State Senator Sarah McBride, Crooked Media’s Vice President of Politics Shaniqua McClendon, and CNN political commentator Bakari Sellers.

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